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Nabil & Arab in America: 2006-2011

July 20, 2011 |  by  |  Blog, News
Nabil & Arab in America: 2006-2011

It’s been an honor and a pleasure to come to know and work with all of you.

Good morning everyone! As many of you know, the Arab in America Feature Film Project is a project that I’ve been working on for a very long time. Over the last six years, I’ve met and worked with some of the most talented people America has to offer. I’d like to take this time to thank them all very much for their hard work, loyal dedication, and cherished friendships.

Working since 2006, I’d like to thank the absolute best man-behind-the-man: Colin Ferri, my co-dream-partner: Tim Bryan, our older-and-cooler-brother: Mike Brubaker,  the always-supportive-and-mentoring: Nic Applegate, Sam’s heart-and-soul: Ivan Shammas, the best Georgian-Texan: Bill Panell, the enthusiastically-dedicated: Jason Wheeler, the incredibly-talented-and-driven: Tom VerretteMatt Klammer, Aaron Keuter, William Horst, Kyle Grizell, Heather Danosky, Verlon Allen, Matt Martin, Jamie Hawkins-Gaar, Nick Bowman, Listen 2 Three, and Lauren Lemons.

I’d like to thank my mother for always believing in and inspiring me to reach for the stars.  Thanks to my father for his pristine examples of manliness, strength, heart, and wit (and thanks for passing all those traits to me!). Thanks to my brother for always pushing me to be my best. Thanks to my sister and my step-mother for being the best cheer-leaders in the world.

It’s been an honor and a pleasure to come to know and work with all of you.

Excuse my decision to thank everyone first, but they all did amazing work and they deserve every blessing I can muster.

I am leaving Five on Fifty Films and ending my involvement with Arab in America.


To say farewell to Arab in America, we’re going to release a couple of goodies over the next couple of weeks!

Goodie #1: I was showing Arab in America to my girlfriend, Safia, for the first time (after 8 months of courtship) and I couldn’t find the final fifteen minute edit we had (it was on a dvd somewhere in a box and on a hard drive in a computer with a broken power supply). So I proceeded to show her the 5-Minute Edit that won the Link TV One Nation Contest. She thought is was pretty funny, but looking at the edit now, I thought the short was way too fast and seemed horribly campy. Safia later confirmed that she felt the same way by begging me to find and play the fifteen minute final edit. I searched on my laptop for the edit (thinking it might’ve been on the old Arab FTP Site) and found this really small video file titled, “arab.wmv”. I double-clicked on it, and to my utter shock, it was the very first completed edit of Arab in America with Ivan’s original voice over narration, awesome temp music, sparse sound design, and no color correction. We watched that sucker and we laughed ourselves silly. I was blown away. It was, without a doubt, the best version of Arab in America I have ever seen.

We will be releasing the full Unfinished Arab in America Edit as a gift to all the fans who’ve waited so patiently for the Short Film on DVD and the Feature Film in Theaters. Keep checking back in the next week or two for it’s debut! CLICK HERE TO WATCH!

Goodie #2: After the short, the drive to turn Arab in America into a Feature Film consumed the last four years of our lives. The results of which, many of you have never seen. One of those gems was the Arab in America Feature Screenplay. Even today, I think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of. The other gem was a two-hour and twenty-two minute audio presentation featuring my “a-little-too-enthusiastic” narration of the Arab in America screenplay accompanied by popular music we were proposing for the soundtrack. Listening to this almost a year later, I think it’s absolutely awesome. Together with the screenplay, they both are the closest things to an Arab in America Feature Film that we will all see for a while…

We will be releasing the full Audio Narration of the Arab in America Feature Screenplay with Scrolling Screenplay Accompaniment  as another gift to all the dreamers who joined me for the ride. Keep checking back in the next week or two for that as well!

This journey was one of the most amazing times of my life and I will cherish it forever.

Nabil Abou-Harb

About The Author

Nabil Zouheir Abou-Harb was born in Marietta, Georgia in 1984. He graduated from Loganville High School in 2003 and from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007. In 2006-2007, Nabil co-wrote, co-produced, and directed "Arab in America" a comedy short film depicting struggles Arabs faced living in the US. The film debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, took home the Audience Award at The Arabian Sights Film Festival sponsored by Filmfest DC, and was awarded the Grand Prize in Link TV's One Nation Many Voices Film Competition. Nabil now works with the Los Angeles-based production company, Monster Garden, and freelances as a Social Media Consultant and Web Developer.


  1. nabil “the inspiration” abou-harb as those closest have grown to know him as

    • Thomas Verrette

      It was an honor and a privilege to work with you and Colin on this amazing project. I am very proud of all our hard-work, dedication, and enthusiasm for the Arab In America feature film, and to this day, feel the entire experience was a major accomplishment. I have no doubt it will prove to be a stepping stone to a brighter future for us all. Cheers my friend to closing one door and opening another!

  2. Just saw the update on the AIA website and read your blog, I am going to cry. It was a wonderful ride, all the way with the windows down. 🙂
    Thank YOU Nabil!

  3. I am so very proud of you all!

  4. Subhanallah…Good increase from muslim in movie world. I hope u continue to make movie like this, so there’s no people phobia with Islam


  1. Nabil & Arab in America: 2006-2011 | Arab in America -The Movie!

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